• Home-made!
    We keep ourselves busy, doing most of the stuff we serve in-house Focaccia which we prepare and bake every day with some olive oil, rock salt […]
  • Maggie’s first Christmas!
    WINTER IS HERE, CHRISTMAS IS COMING & MAGGIE IS READY TO MAKE IT SPECIAL! Winter is knocking at our doors, so it’s time to get your […]
  • Maggie’s Signature Dishes!
    2nd runner up….. Beef and Aubergine Carpaccio! Thin slices of beef fillet encompass the marinated aubergine slices which are complimented by a creamy celeriac puree and […]
  • Our Specials
    #fortheloveofmaggie – Our Daily Specials When we opened our doors back in February, we decided to create a small menu that suits all dietary requirements and […]
  • Maggie's special items
    We’ve added two new dishes to our menu!
    What’s new on Maggie’s menu? At Maggie’s, we are always on the lookout for new flavour combinations and ways to elevate our menu. Having elements of […]
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