Elegant yet comfortable, modern yet classic, we like to call it home rather than a restaurant and we want to make sure that everyone who enters feels at home too.

For us at Maggie’s,  it comes natural to host every single guest the same way we would host our guests at home. 

The food menu is designed to be continuously innovative and changed according to the seasons. 

We thrive to combine the most classic Mediterranean dishes and the most authentic Latin recipes with a twist and a signature from our kitchen brigade. 

When it comes to beverages, cocktails are created with a flair for passion and the wine list was built to cater for all our guests. 

At Maggie’s, our vision is that our guests don’t feel they are simply in a restaurant, but to feel in a comfortable place where they can socialize, relax, indulge in some real good food and most importantly have fun! 

We truly believe that eating out is not just about food, it’s a combination of food, drink, service, ambience and the overall experience.

Which leads us to our goals….

Food made with love
Drinks made with passion
Service with a ‘big’ smile
Ambience designed with comfort
A place that feels like home.


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